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Classic Radio Drama

For those times when you want to lie back,
close your eyes and enter the time when radio shaped your world.

Each week, PirateTV Theater features a program selected from our library of classic radio plays.
The classics and some modern radio-inspired art will all be featured as we travel into the era of the imagination.

Listen to characters who never were, but became real through the marvels of radio.


listen: Suspense - The Locked Room

A man presumably killed for the diamond he had recently acquired presents the characters with a classic Locked Room ScenarioTM. Starring Virginia Bruce.

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listen: Sherlock Holmes - The Engineer's Thumb

Watson is awoken to tend a patient who has had his thumb cut clean off. While dressing the wound, the patient tells the story of how he was visited in his office by an odd, suspicious man who identifies himself as Colonel Lysander Stark and offered the young engineer a lucrative pay for a seemingly simply job....oh how awry things can go!

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